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For the better part of a decade, from creating to convening and curating to critiquing, I infuse strategy, storytelling, and design into the work of culture-shifting brands and leaders. These devoted digital darlings, conscious tech pushers, modern activist communities, and hyper local foodies all see the world the way it could be, as well as, the way it is. Together we are co-creating apps, communities, events, brands, and solutions rooted in gender justice, economic justice, racial justice, sexual justice, fat justice, and climate justice.

I have also ideated, launched, and handed over three brands with the goal of giving womxn true empowerment: ⓵ a hyper local media + events brand for womxn entrepreneurs and makers, ⓶ a digital lifestyle magazine focused on telling womxn they are exactly who they need to be, and ⓷ a one-year project highlighting womxn working for change across the country, with the goal of inspiring other womxn to do whatever they can to move-the-needle towards equality.

I believe the world can be changed through art and music and long nights on porches that involve too much beer and conversations that start closer to the time the sun comes up than when it goes down.

I am a queer, feminist, single mom, who raised a queer, feminist daughter in the south.

I have all the good stuff that comes with being a southerner, like knowing my neighbors and being great at schmoozing. At the same time, I have no patience for the racism that lives on and look forward to being part of the many movements that have sprung up to create change here.

Just as I seek to help founders and brand leaders realize and step into their power, I bring that same spirit and purpose to the people I lead. I believe the best work environments are built on collaboration and agency and, to that end, I inspire trust in those I lead through expert delegation skills, fervent optimism, and innovative solutions.

I’m an advocate for letting go of the misnomer of work-life balance, in favor of work-life blend. I thrive in environments where change is constant, where multiple people demand my attention, and where there are sure to be moments when everyone wonders if a deadline will be met - and it always is. I can talk to anyone, and prefer conversations seeped in strategies for revolution, music you feel in your soul, and movies/art/brands that have something to tell us.

I am a maximalist, which leads to long prose, an excess of eco-friendly products and wallpaper. It also provides the roots of my belief in abundance for all.

I'm currently traveling the East Coast with #OlivethePug and writing a memoir that is a mix of prose, prose-poetry, lyrical nonfiction, and poetry - all better shared with a mic. Starting with my childhood in the southern part of the midwest, as cult-church royalty and the most wanted and loved child ever, moving through stories of being queer, progressive, southern, feminst, & a single mom.


• equally strong interpersonal & analytical skills
• unbridled optimisim mixed with a healthy dose of pragmatism
• full of forward thinking solutions
• expert delgator


Myers Briggs: ENFP
Strengthsfinder: strategic | woo | positivity | communication | ideation | futuristic
Adobe #CreativeType: the Visionary
Human Design: Manifesting Generator
Enneagram: Type 7


• writing
• content creation & curation
• public speaking
• storytelling
• strategic insights
• collaboration


MailChimp, Constant Contact, Substack, Tiny Letter, Hubspot Newsletters, Slack, Dropbox, G-Suite, Office, Canva, Craft, Notion, Carrd, Mighty Networks, Trello, Asana, Lisbon, HeySummit, AirMeet, MeetFox, & Zoom


Univ. of Missouri, Kansas City
L.L.M. | 2010

Univ. of Massachusetts, Boston
Grad Cert: Womxn in Politics & Public Policy | 2005

Boston College Law School
J.D. | 2009

Simmons College, Boston
B.A.: Sociology; Womxn's Studies; Society & Health | 2003


HUBSPOT Certifications: Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, & Social Media

Numerous online courses including Marie Forleo's B-School, Trello for Business, Amy Porterfield's Course Creation, Thunder with Hillary Weiss, Firestarter Sessions with Danielle LaPorte.

Richard Averitt
Founder: Starchive

Damn! You slayed it! thank you for taking such care to produce something so compelling and helping our quixotic quest to change the future by elevating every individual's opportunity to see and share about their past.

Sarah Sharif
founder: experimental civics
& capsule hack

LaKay encouraged me to find my voice & coached me through her questions to really go deeper into my why & past. LaKay has mastered honing in on all the details most writers skip to uncover powerful, untold stories. I loved watching her drafting process & her drive to achieve balanced perfection. Anyone who puts that amount of dedication into their practice is a valuable asset.

Emily Weltman
Founder: CoFlow Collective

You have a truly powerful way with words. Thank you for summing up what I do and who I work with - better than even I could.

Alex Diaz
Founder: COMMON Future

LaKay's passion is as boundless as her insistence on being part of the solution and building a better world. She does it with outstanding writing, like the profile she did on our firm. She has a great eye for angle, narrative and storytelling.

Dr. Christopher Marquis
Professor @ Cornell University & Author

LaKay is a joy to work with and a strong writer and editor. She is a great storyteller and can take lots of disperate themes and ideas and weave them into a clear and coherent piece.

brand rosa: creating an umbrella brand

Rosa has been running three brands - two only by word of mouth, with no web presence. She came to me to figure out how to connect everything she is doing and position herself as a thought leader, while also increasing her impact. I created an Umbrella Brand, which we called, Brand Rosa.

The Climate Designers Party Program: event desgin & messaging strategy

No more doom and gloom - that's the mission of the Climate Designers. They are on a mission to show the world that saving the planet can - and should- be fun! I partnered with them to create a two-week virtual event (their first ever!).

Amy Giddon
Founder: Daily Haloha

If you're looking for momentum, work with LaKay. She is masterful at distilliing things down to their essence of what matters - today.
She has brought Daily Haloha more visibility, consistently provides me with innovative ideas, & frequently connects the culture dots.

She is more than a storyteller - she is a story creator.

Rosa Sabater
Founder: Martellus, Navigate, & Next

Seeing what LaKay created makes me feel seen. She truly understood not just what I am doing, but who I am.

Janet Varney
Institute for Integrative Nutrition

LaKay is an incredible problem solver that sticks with whatever the issue is until it is solved. She is wonderful to work with & knows how to get the job done!

Krystal Alexandria
Spiritual Coach

LaKay has this powerful ability to create a vision and convey it to you in such a relatable, down-to-earth way that you become a part of that vision.

Mark Eckhardt

LaKay is a wizard with words and a truly dedicated changemaker and ideator. If she shares an idea with you, you have about ten seconds to decide if you are going to join her before she’s made a plan, tested it (at least in her head and through research), decided whether it’s something that can work, and picked out who should be part of it

Summer Herd
Founder: Summer Delaine Wellness

LaKay's insight and recommendations have helped me improve and grow in all parts of my business. And the best part is that she does it with heart. Her ability to truly connect, and help me connect, with my message is amazing.

Brand Rosa

⓵ Conduct two interviews, perform Brand Review and market research, and create Brand Strategy workbook, tailored to Rosa's needs.

⓶ Use Brand Strategy workbook and subsequent meetings with Rosa to create Umbrella Brand that houses all three previous brands, gives her room to grow and increase impact, captures her core values and message, and houses her thought leadership.

⓷ This included determining brand fonts, colors, language, images, and etc. - al lof it.

⓸ Create opt-ins to capture emails: downloadble PDFs that speak to her target market.

Rosa Style Guide by LaKay Cornell

The Climate Designers Party Program

Step 1: Create & present a complete program strategy and first draft messaging.

The founders had never run an event before and had created an idea of what they wanted to do based on what they saw as gaps in existing design conferences. We had two phone calls and then I created a big picture program strategy that included language to be used in messaging and promotions.

They loved it, and we were off.

Strategy Portfolio by LaKay Cornell

Step 2: Be sure all communications are in line with messaging goals and values of event and organization.

Almost from day 1, I created or reviewed everything that was sent out: call for speakers, topic ideas, blog posts, sponsorship deck, promotion & partnership emails, and social media posts.


Sponsorship Deck

Sponsorhip Deck by LaKay Cornell

jennifer moreau
Founder: World for Good & ED: Florida for Good

As always, you are amazing. You really do everything you can to make an experience beautiful and impactful. Working with you has made a big difference for my small brand.

lindsey wishart
co-founder: chive sustainable events

Working with LaKay was like working with an old friend. Even though we never actually met in person before our event, it felt like a real collaboration from day one. In sharing her vision for the guests' experience at a day long women in business workshop we were able to work together to create an entire day centered around growth, beauty and nourishment.

Kim Dawson
Founder: K.Dawson Company

LaKay is an excellent event planner, from securing caterers & videographers to ordering all the necessary marketing materials & components of launching successful workshops. I was able to just show up at these events & know that she took care of everything. The attendees were more than impressed, from the quality of food & giveaway items, to the décor & ambiance of the space.

The Change we seek provided the inspiration for the event.

In 2019, I was hired to create a brunch awareness event for Florida for Good. It was imperative that the brunch embody the values of Florida for Good: sustainability, equality, & impact.

The theme was an old-time-southern-family-meal. We started with a staple of the south - biscuits - and expanded from there.

The goals were:
• to infuse elegance without increasing consumption or expense
• to serve comfot food that would make people feel at home
• to make each person attending feel special and thank them for running a values-based busienss.

a mix of vintage & modern decor set the mood

Fresh, beautiful food that didn't have to be kept warm was the final touch.

A moment of inspiration leads the whole project.

In 2019, I was hired to upgrade a recently purchased RV and take from RV Decor to Tiny AirBNB. The owner had the following requirements:
• eco-friendly/sustainable,
• Florida Tropical
• as many local purchases as possible

I start design projects off with one item that becomes the North Star for the whole project.

In this case, it was this piece of art created by a local artist. As soon as I saw, it I knew that it had the right vibe for the project, capturing all three of the owner's desired elements: eco, local, & "Florida."

In a small space, the kitchen sets the tone for everything else.

The result is a bright, beautiful space inviting guests to lean into the St. Augustine vibe.